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What level of math is required for the GMAT?

The test rewards those with a mastery of arithmetic and Algebra 1, a small subset of geometry, and a tiny bit of combinatorics/probability and statistics.  The Quantitative section of the GMAT exercises problem solving and reasoning skills as much as pure math ability.

Am I allowed to use a Calculator on the exam?

No, not on the quantitative section, but there is an on-screen calculator built into the Integrated Reasoning section.

How is the GMAT scored?

There are five GMAT scores:

  1. Verbal (0-60 Points) from 41 questions in 75 minutes
  2. Quantitative (0-60 points) from 37 questions in 75 minutes
  3. Total (200-800 Points) derived from Quantitative and Verbal scores
  4. Integrated Reasoning (1-8 points) from 12 questions in 30 minutes
  5. Analytical Writing Assessment (0-6 points) from one 30-minute essay
The current GMAT Quantitative section is computer adaptive, adapting to your performance after each question, increasing or decreasing the difficulty level accordingly. According to the test makers, the GMAT employs a complex mathematical system to compute the score.  The exact algorithm is unknown, but it rewards more points for harder questions, and less for easier ones.  Many stress over the details of this, but there is no trick to gaming the system.  The smart appproach is simple; give each question your best effort and about 108 seconds of time.

What's a good Quantitative GMAT score?

Good is relative.  Here is a table mapping Quantitative score to percentile ranking, showing where each score would place you among the entire pool of MBA program hopefuls.image missing

What GMAT score should I be shooting for?

In short, you should try to get as high of a score as possible, but have an idea of how your score will look compared to other applicants.  Here is the median total GMAT scores for the top 50 business schools (according to Businessweek in 2011), as well as the Quantitative and Verbal scores correspond to the percentile ranking.  Take a look:The scores above will put you in the middle of the accepted student pile.  If the rest of your application is outstanding, maybe you can get by with less.  Some applicants need higher than average scores to be competitive.

How long will it take to get the score I want?

This is the most common, and hardest question to answer.  It depends on the delta between your current ability and your goal, how many hours a week you are able to study, and how fast you learn.  Most of my students who are able to study an hour a day need a month or two to achieve their goal.

Which GMAT resources would you recommend?

Great free resources:
The Official GMAT Web Site
GMATPrep (computer-based GMAT test)

Recommended resources for purchase:
The Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative Review
The Official Guide for GMAT Review
Retired GMAT Paper Tests
2011 Kaplan GMAT Math Workbook
2008 Kaplan GMAT Math Workbook

What languages are you able to tutor math in?

Unfortunately I'm only fluent in English.

If you have a question not listed or sufficiently answered here, just ask.