Manhattan/Williamsburg GRE & GMAT Math Tutor

After graduating from Worcester Academy, I started tutoring math for the SAT and to fellow students at my university (WPI).  While working as an Electrical Engineer, Information Technology Consultant, and a Computer Scientist, I continued tutoring on the side.  

In 2005 I directed my tutoring efforts to the GRE and GMAT, and was a bit perplexed at the normal approach in the GRE/GMAT prep industry, which seemed to pitch the quick fix: (educated) guessing.  As the questions get trickier, the system of plugging in numbers and ruling out answer choices with accurate and definitive results gets very complex and ends up more difficult than actually solving the problem.

My approach of enabling people to solve the problems as intended seemed comparatively unorthodox, but yielded much more dramatic results.  Over the years I have found people of all skill levels benefit from fundamental math re-education and re-familiarization (lots of work), before spending much energy on the more puzzling questions which the GRE and GMAT employ.  Seeing my students achieve a real improvement of ability and the corresponding self-confidence, as well as a great score on their exam is so rewarding that I have turned my tutoring side-job into my career.